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NextGen Trucking Students

Founded in 2020, the Next Generation in Trucking Association is a non-profit trade association with the mission to promote trucking as a positive career field; create programs that encourage CDL and Diesel Technician training of our nation’s youth; and connect them to training and employment opportunities. The organization’s volunteer leadership consists of industry professionals who are passionate about trucking, career technical education, and providing our emerging workforce with a pathway to well-paying and rewarding careers. Membership consists of industry stakeholders who share our mission: students, teachers, schools, business professionals, partners, and sponsors.


The Next Generation in Trucking Association Provides Value to Our Members and Key Stakeholders Through Many Ways:

  • Create CDL driver and diesel tech programs throughout the United States
  • Promote trucking as a career technical education choice
  • Focus on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Educate high school administration and counselors, students and parents on the benefits and opportunities in the trucking industry
  • Provide fresh, up-to-date curriculum to create a new professional drivers and technicians who are highly trained
  • Connect schools and industry
  • Serve as a liaison between young people and trucking partners to provide a pipeline of talented, trained drivers and technicians
  • Foster community for young people in trucking
  • Lobby for the Drive-SAFE Act


Sponsors, Partners and Business Professionals:

  • Priority in directing where we start high school programs
  • Partnerships with CTE Schools
  • Exposure with free job board postings
  • Pipeline of trained drivers and technicians
  • Gain a better understanding of young people in the industry and in your organization
  • Industry Representation to skilled trades education
  • Oversight of standardized curriculum and industry-recognized credentials
  • Expand your professional network of peers, experts and providers
  • Focus on providing the trucking industry with a diverse and equitable workforce
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